Directing Videos + Social Media for Your Business

Social Media mixed with Video is the future of marketing. According to research by Business Insider the number of videos posted to Facebook has increased by 94% in the past year and users are seeing nearly 4x more video in their news feed. Our Social Video Marketing Services including Video Creation, Facebook Video Apps & Video Ads!

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Directing Videos + Social Media for Your Business

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Check Out Our Custom “Social” Videos

Click on our “Social” Vid Portfolio to check out some of the “Social” Videos we’ve created exclusively for our top clients to drive results for them by then integrating them into a Facebook App, driving views through the Facebook Newsfeed or crafting a Facebook & YouTube Video Ad Campaign.

Check Out Our “Social” Video Ads

These videos have also been used to run Facebook & YouTube Video Ads.

Custom-Made “Social” Videos

We carefully create your video to fit your social media brand image & engage your audience turning them into customers whether it’s on Facebook in the Newsfeed or as a Facebook App or just on YouTube.

Facebook App & Newsfeed Vids

Our cutting-edge social media technology team can place your “Social” Video directly into your Facebook Fanpage as a “Video App” driving evergreen leads for your business or pop up on your audience’s Newsfeed.

FB & YouTube Video Ads

Video ads are effective and ironically they are cheap because this brand new ROI-driving ad technology is unknown to most businesses. We laser target your audience and run your entire YouTube & Facebook Video Ads Campaigns.

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Car Sales Car Sales Restaurant Dentist Real Estate

See some of our previous Social Video projects in various niches!

Car Sales

If you want to show promos, offers and other goodies for your car sales business, then something like this video will definitely work.


Are you a restaurant owner and looking to get more people to eat? Videos that offer coupons with calls-to-action that lets viewers redeem them is perfect.


Are you a dentist that's looking for new leads? Video campaigns is the perfect way to get new patient signups. This video is the perfect example.

Real Estate

Real estate is one of those industries that greatly benefit from videos. If a picture says a thousand words, then videos of properties says it all,

Our Proprietary Social Video Technology

Webinar Platform

Conduct webinars to your customers to sell them your online products or acquire targeted local customers informing them of your lawyer, dental, accounting or any other service offerings.

Social Video Competitions

Create Facebook Video Competitions to engage your audience, drive targeted leads including capturing their email addresses & drive clients to your local business or sales of your products.

Facebook Audience Targeting Tools

Use our proprietary Facebook Audience Research Software to discover laser targeted audiences for effective low-cost Facebook Video Campaigns.

Social Directories

Run Video Reviews for your different products or create a directory of your various business listings straight from Facebook.

More Proprietary Software Tech

Social Mobi Apps

Create any type of Social Mobile Campaign in addition to your Social Video Campaigns

Video Mobile Apps

Publish a Video Mobile App straight from within our proprietary Mobile App Builder

Interactive Videos

Create interactive videos using "Hotspot" technology only offered by our agency

And More

We have a few more secret tools that we will only reveal once you contact us

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